Bernardo (morethanfantasy) wrote in whatthedenmark,

who's there?

*outside the university--a man with a flight jacket and messenger bag slung loosely over one shoulder, walking towards the park. it's a nice day, so when he gets there he sits on a bench, shrugs off the jacket and takes out his reading for class, today Emerson's Compensation. he tucks up his knees and balances the book awkwardly as he takes scrawly notes in the margins in pencil.

he is one whom life has screwed over more than once. he's just glad it was his left arm.*

Typist: Enter Bernardo. Modified slightly from my original concept of him, since I'd been planning to have him be finished with his tour and now adjusting to life in Denmark again; if he's in Francisco's unit there had to be a reason he's not just on furlough.

(Also, the Emerson is totally because I like Emerson. Bernardo, if a major is required at this point, is some kind of history major.)
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