Claudius (eldestcurse) wrote in whatthedenmark,

*after pausing to answer what is doubtless a Very Important Phone Call, he is half in and half out of the car that brought him home from the airport. His upper half is still inside, so that he can talk quickly and quietly without been seen or overheard. Therefore, from the sidewalk, all that may been seen for some time are very nice pants and very polished shoes. One foot is braced against the curb, jiggling impatiently. After some time--*

Look, I got in twenty minutes ago. We’ll talk about this later.

*and, snapping the cell phone shut, Claudius ducks out of the car and shoves the phone into his pants pocket*

Typist: Claudius. Hopefully I'm doing this right. >_>;
Tags: claudius, fortinbras, hamlet, polonius, re-introduction
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