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whatthedenmark's Journal

More a Modern-Day American than a Dane
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This community is a Hamlet roleplay set modern-day.

We have Hamlet, Ros, Guil, Laertes, Forti, Horatio, Claudius, Reynaldo, Gertrude, Polonius, Bernardo, Francisco, and Osric--and the Players; our Ophelia wanders in and out. We also have a floating assortment of characters from other plays, although they (mainly) only show up in AUs. Of which we have a zillion. The game is set vaguely mid-play, although we are fickle mistresses to canon and don't come calling very often any longer.

Rules, since they're Worth Having:

*No OT posts, please. ^_^ Is for the rping.

*No trolling or provoking fights at all. This is a friendly game, run by a mod who is in love with the world, and there shall be no anger. If there is drama, the dramatist goes. At once. Unless s/he can provide a convincing excuse.

*Crackplots are fun. Just not too many. We're trying to keep this in the spirit of desperatefans, but slightly more coherent.

*The opposite goes for AUs. We are always open to more, provided we can keep them straight.

*Please don't take a character if you don't think you'll be able to keep up with him/her. The game should be active.

*For heaven's sake, don't take anything too seriously. Above all, this is for fun.

E-mail mod for more information: Anne_from_Xanth@yahoo.com.